About Us

From high-level strategy and solid counsel to roll up your sleeves and get it done heavy lifting, our communications strategists’ proven experience in journalism, broadcasting, marketing and public relations brings real world know-how and the market relationships necessary to be successful for our clients.

We understand how communications avenues are changing, how media is evolving and how to put our clients in the best position to meet their business objectives and deliver their messages to the audiences who need to hear and act upon them.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your communications goals.


We provide companies, businesses, organizations, individuals and associations with relationships, resources and insights, using multiple platforms to deliver their messages, tell their stories and accomplish their objectives through strategic public and internal communications. We earn respect and trust by upholding the highest professional standards.

What We Stand For

We bring integrity to how we interact with clients, employees, journalists, service partners and other business contacts. We embrace honesty in personal and business interactions as essential to growing our business and reputation. These values also guide workplace and client relationships:


Our creativity is built on "we," not "me." Full, free-flowing collaboration among staff members, outside partners and clients yields fresh ideas and strong results.

Mutual Respect

We treat ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our collaborative partners with respect in all situations. Respect commands respect in return. While we are all individuals with our own skills and personalities, we each are worthy of mutual respect for what we bring to our shared environment.


Forethought, flexibility, reliability, sensitivity, maturity, responsiveness and mutual respect are standards applied to internal and external interactions and collaborations.


A culture of empowerment and accountability turns ideas into actions through clear responsibilities, shared support and collective commitment.

Work/life Balance

While upholding commitments and always being on call, we recognize the importance of roles outside the company. Teamwork enables the renewal of personal energy without sacrificing business responsibilities.

Roots and Growth

Tanner Friedman knows what it takes to tell stories and deliver messages. Our team’s vast, varied client experience spans industries and includes productive collaborations with private businesses, publicly-held companies, professional services and nonprofits.

Tanner Friedman is the only agency in the Detroit area led by two principals with both major-market media and agency experience, supported by professionals with strong corporate, agency and nonprofit experience.

Collaborative Network

Our team is flexible. As we customize messages for different audiences and channels, we also customize entire teams to support specific client objectives. With a “best of the best” lineup of proven, experienced creative specialists on call to support our in-house professionals, our expertise and capacity to drive results knows no bounds. Able to contribute to client programs anytime, anywhere are trusted colleagues in media buying, brand development, graphic design, video production, Internet marketing, technical writing and other fields critical to many successful communication campaigns.

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